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Explore great legends all over South West Wales, where mighty King Arthur is said to have lived, battled - and still lie asleep.

Preseli Hills

Preseli Hills

But is he buried in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Hills or a cave in Neath Port Talbot? Visit both and decide for yourself. The warrior’s wizard Merlin hails from Carmarthenshire - find hints of his magic across the county. And real-life legends await discovery too: explore the Helvetia shipwreck on Rhossili beach and, nearby, visit the site of a legendary mistake by Dylan Thomas, who spent an unplanned night on beautiful Worm’s Head. Come and be a part of the story!

4 places with King Arthur connections:

  • Find Arthur's Stone in the Gower Peninsula - the warrior got a pesky pebble in his shoe and threw it from Llanelli to the top of Cefn Bryn!
  • Arthur's wizard Merlin was born in Carmarthen and is said to lie buried just outside the town - listen for his groaning on Merlin's Hill.
  • Theories abound for where Arthur lies buried and Bedd Arthur in Pembrokeshire's Preseli Hills is one atmospheric option...
  • ...but then so is Craig y Ddinas, not far from Neath. Legend has it Arthur and a thousand of his warriors are fast asleep in a cave there!
Cefn Bryn

Cefn Bryn - Gower Peninsula